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Youths (15 - 35 year olds) in Singapore spend an average of 5.5 hours online every day. For the amount of time spent on the internet on a daily basis, it’s quite astonishing as to how only a handful of people actually know how to properly use it.
Then again, the internet does not come with a manual, so you can’t really be blamed for not instantly knowing its shortcuts. So for your convenience and internet welfare, here we reveal 5 internet tricks that are not really tricks.
You got too click-happy and accidentally closed a tab you didn’t mean to close while you were X-ing other tabs that you did not require anymore. The internet does not have an ‘Undo’ action button and many people assume that the only way for them to get back to that webpage is to tediously scan through their internet history, manually type in the web address if they can remember it, or going through the whole trouble of retracing their clicks that landed them there. I for one do not enjoy going on a long and weary treasure hunt à la Indiana Jones on my internet browser, so whenever I unintentionally closed a tab, I just hit on SHIFT+CONTROL+T and the previous tab that I closed will pop back open.
2. Delete Cookies
Don’t you just hate those obnoxious websites that require you to subscribe to continue with whatever you were doing after you’ve read a few articles or watched a few videos? If you’re on one of those annoyingly anal sites that only allow you access to limited content, chances are they’re monitoring how much you have viewed using tracking “cookies.” You can beat this limiting device either by clearing out your history and proceeding whenever the issue comes up, or by browsing using a “Private” or “Incognito” setting.
3. Using Google Translator to Bypass Proxies
Google Translate often lets you bypass a workplace or school’s ‘firewall’. Just type the name of the site you wish to visit (e.g. into the translate features bar while translating from a foreign language (e.g. Latin), then search for it to be translated into English or the original language. By entering from a third party, you should be able to break through the firewall and click through to the site.
4. Google Barrel Roll
For the easily amused, just go to Google’s search bar, type in the words “Do a barrel roll”, and Google will roll over for you! Easy peasy for the non tech savvy!
5. Online Shopping Discounts
After you load up your virtual shopping cart, before you click on ‘Pay’, always remember to search for promo codes for that particular online shop on the internet first. Numerous websites contain promo codes that they got for publicizing the online shop which you can copy and paste into the promotion bar to save a little bit of cash.
Now you can join the clan of know-it-all Tech Geeks arrogantly clicking away on their computers with their pudgy fingers.

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