Free radio website Stereomood allows one to "tune into your emotions", bringing Internet radio to the next level by sorting tunes into playlists based on moods and activities. Yes, you may try "bored at work".

Navigation is straightforward. Users simply have to type into the search field their mood or the activity they are about to commence on. Registered users may also see what others have tuned in to with its tagging system. Clueless? There's the "random" tab too.

Feeling down? You will be directed to the "Feel like Crying" station and indulge in that emotion for the moment. Stereomood play songs based on your moods for the moment or what you are doing and there are over 80 to choose. from.

Try searching for moods like "escape", "stargazing" and even "relaxing", and you may discover new artists for the site also features weekly recommendations of music blogs and moods that would brighten up your boring work day!

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