Days to Pay

DaysToPayCan't ignore your heart's desire for that Jimmy Choo heels but feeling guilty about spending a third of your salary on a "want" and not a "need"? Online calculating tool helps one gauge the real damage of our purchase.

What better way to gauge if your purchase is worth it other than by the number of days you will have to work to pay it off? Days to Pay will show you how long you have to work to pay off your heart's desire upon inputting your pay (hourly or monthly salary) as well as the number of hours you work each week. One also has the option to include your daily and monthly expenses.

Days to Pay is a simple, straight-forward tool that even the worst web navigators will be able to figure out. The next time, instead of standing by that pair of lovely heels for a hour and returning the store numerous times before succumbing to pressure, and perhaps regretting it, visit Days to Pay for objective judgement.

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