App for Travelling

App_for_TravellingWhy add weight to your bag by lugging along those thick, cumbersome guidebooks or phrasebooks when these nifty free apps will be all you need for the travel?


Tend to forget small but essential items during travel? Do not want to waste that precious foreign currency on shampoo or an unwanted extra phone charger? Then this free app is just for you. On top of creating pack lists that may be reused, you may also categorise the lists into the different bags you carry during your trip, which you may check as you pack the items. You may also view the list by groups or by items left to pack. 

The app also helps you calculate the number of disposable items you would require too. And if you decide to extend the trip, simply change the number of days and the new automated number will appear.

XE Currency

This is one important app you should have before you climb. After all, no money, no talk as they all say. The XE Currency app provides live currency exchange rates for more than 180 countries. Even if you do not have wi-fi at the moment, you will be referring back to the last most recent rates.

World Nomads

Travelling to a country with a language you do not speak? Then this free app – with 25 languages including Thai and Swahili – will be useful. Handy phases such as "Where is the toilet" are translated here with an audio to boot, just so you won't be embarrassed pronouncing them wrongly! Sections include basics, instructions, directions, transport, places to stay, travel safety, travel health, food and eating, numbers, times and dates and, why not, flirting. While this app may not be as comprehensive as a whole phrasebook, it is sure good enough for getting by on your travels.

Wi-Fi Finder

One of my favorite apps whether when at home or overseas is the Wi-Fi finder. Like its namesake, it finds out where all the free as well as paid wi-fi locations near you are. You may even save the results and access them when you are offline so you don't run the risk of accidentally tapping on your data roaming plan.
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