Singapore GE2011 Tracker

This year's General Elections is one that is highly debated, especially so on social media platforms. But the deluge of data could be so overwhelming that it leaves us more confused than ever. Here, the Singapore General Elections 2011 Tracker, a cool real-time visualisation project that aims to reflect online social sentiments as well as trends and discussions, will of great assistance.

The Singapore GE2011 Tracker works by trending the hot topics discussed across various platforms and highlighting top articles shared by identifying popular keywords and shared content. This includes news articles, blog posts and Twitter. For example, news articles are picked out via key terms such as "Singapore Elections" searched on Google News and Google BlogSearch, and Twitter data with the hashtags #sgelections.

There are two parts to the visualisation chart: Today's Key Terms (top daily key words further categorised by "Running" and "Latest") and Most Shared Content (links and more shared via social media platforms categorised by "News", "Articles" and "Tweets"). Readers can even click on the particular shared content to view which category of key terms they are related to or fall into, be it "PAP" or "Ang Mo Kio".

For most of us, fresh graduates who are able to vote this year, do check the Singapore GE2011 Tracker to keep abreast of news on the ground for the General Elections to make a better, more informed choice now!  

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