Jipaban, or hokkien for a million, is a new online marketplace for both online retailers and shoppers. The cheery, easily navigable could be likened to Singapore's own Etsy.com.  

For shoppers, there are several useful sections including a wishlist great for hinting those friends of yours, an egg-on list whereby friends can help you decide to buy or not by voting, and most importantly, being able to put together your favourite shops by dragging and dropping them in your mall. You could even organise them in different categories (levels) and name them. Also, Jipaban works like a social community site, meaning that you could add other Jipaban members to your friend list and egg each other on.

As for online retailers, the site works like Etsy.com whereby shop owners manage their orders and customers. You could also purchase "skins" or different looks for your Jipaban shop to stand out from the rest. However, the cost for retailers is not entirely cheap at $300 (at 50% off) for 6 months when I last checked, which wouldn't make sense if they do not provide enough marketing and publicity, and in turn drive traffic to the shops.

While there are popular blogshops such as Bonito Chico in Jipaban, the shopping experience is extremely enjoyable and would be more so with more online retailers.

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