Protect your Laptops in Style

One of the many investments for those with jobs that require them to be on the move would be a functional, light and good-looking laptop sleeve. After all, you have to carry them around often. FreshGrads recommends two good local brands for the chic worker.

This local company offers fabric sleeves in several gorgeous prints and designs (picture above). We liked the soft inner padding but is somewhat bothered by the noise that comes along with the Velcro flap fastening. The sleeves are readymade for Apple's MacBooks but Fabrix offers customisation services for the other laptops as well. Fabrix sleeves for other Apple gadgets such as the iPod and the iPhone are also offered.

Fabrix cases are sold in various shops on our little island and are available for purchase online at, which includes free local shipping. Prices begin from about S$50.



Local brand Snupped offers complete customisation of their laptop sleeves. Upon entering their the Snupped site (, visitors will be brought through the seamless process of first choosing their laptop size, next the exterior design and lastly, the interior design as well as if handles are preferred (additional S$5). The eco-conscious will also be glad to hear that Snupped sleeves are made from environmentally-friendly cotton instead of neoprene.

Snupped cases can only be purchased online at their site Prices start from S$30.

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