As they say, birds of the same feathers flock together. Only this time, shoppers of the same feather flock together to make great savings on their purchases. Online discount site Beeconomic is a revolutionary new way to save for us kiasu Singaporeans by tapping on collective buying power.

Beeconomic offers group discounts for products and services across the island, and bargain hunters can save up to 80% off original prices. It works by featuring cool deals on its site for a fixed period of time.

The only catch is that a minimum number of customers have to buy in for that deal to go through. Hence, every so often, Beeconomic fans would implore friends to join with them, then cross their fingers and hope the deal goes through. Considering that the site leverages on the power of mass purchases, it is reasonable that discounts are only activated upon reaching the minimum number of purchases.


Past deals include $30 for a week of unlimited yoga classes and golf try-outs for as low as $1. Even though i wasn't remotely interested in golf, the deal was just so good that I thought it wouldn't harm trying it out. After all, all I had to risk was to be hooked upon trying out.

Beeconomic is a great site to check out if you are on the fence for taking up or trying out something new - this is a chance to try with great cost savings. Users may discover new things to do, find a great excuse to ask that dude or babe you are interested out, or as an excuse to meet up with friends for a heavily discounted activity.


And according to the Beeconomic team, before featuring a deal, they try out the merchant's service, meet its staff and even spot check the washrooms to ensure the products they recommend with deals are a quality lot. And this comes from a wide range from restaurants, spas, fitness classes and more. Members can also nominate the businesses they would like to try on their Facebook discussion pages.

Ultimately everyone gains, so invite your friends to join with you. The website is comprehensive and easily navigable - payment can be made by paypal or by Visa, Mastercard and American Express, and referrals with a sweet $5 incentive can be done via Facebook, Twitter or email. Me? I signed up for the newsletter so as not to miss any offers.

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