Lock Down These Adorable Limited Edition Lock & Go Sanrio Collectibles from 7-Eleven

7-Eleven Sanrio
The widely adored Sanrio characters have made a return to the 7-Eleven stores in Singapore! These little cuties have popped up in the form of practical collectibles for storing your consumables, that fit the lifestyles of everyone from young to old. From 3 October 2018 to 18 December 2018 (while stocks last), fans of Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin, and Little Twin Stars can eagerly anticipate redeeming this exciting new range of exclusive containers and water bottles.
These exclusive collectibles come in soft pastel colors, boasting sturdy, anti-heat and anti-slip properties, making them the perfect everyday companion, as well as a veritable collectible. Characters that consumers will be able to collect are popular fan favourites, including Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody and Pompompurin. 
Simply spend a minimum of $4 in any 7-Eleven store on your first purchase and earn yourself a stamp card along with your first stamp. Every $4 spent will earn you another stamp on the card, with selected 7-Eleven STAR products getting you two stamps instead.
Sanrio Lock & Go Containers
7-Eleven Sanrio
Top (left to right): Round Container 600ml – Kiki, Lala, Pompompurin
Bottom (left to right): Double-Layer Container 550ml – Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin
These cutesy shaped containers can keep your food and snacks fresh and crisp for an extended period of time as they come equipped with an air-tight lid that securely fastens in place. They are made out of a food safe, BPA free, and microwavable material that prevents slipping and is resistant to heats of up to 80°C.
To collect the Containers, obtain 22 stamps to get it for free OR collect 6 stamps and pay an additional top-up of $5.90.
Sanrio Lock & Go Water Bottles
7-Eleven Sanrio
Left to right: My Melody, Pompompurin (430ml)
These meticulously designed water bottles are refrigerable, but should not be subjected to the microwave, dishwasher or oven. Each of these bottles come with a mini compartment for ice that locks onto the cap from the inside so that your beverage can remain cool and refreshing without diluting and watering down its content.
To collect the Water Bottles, obtain 30 stamps to get it for free OR collect 6 stamps and pay an additional top-up of $9.90.
7-Eleven Sanrio
I managed to get my hands on two of these coveted collectibles prior to its launch, courtesy of the folks at 7-Eleven, and fell head over heels in love with them, not only for their aesthetic appeal, but for their durable and versatile functionality as well.
Pompompurin Double-Layer Container (550ml)
7-Eleven Sanrio
My Pom with my Pompompurin container
7-Eleven Sanrio
The different components of a Double-Layer Container
This lightweight container consists of two layers that extends its practicality. The opaque bottom layer of the container, which is emblazoned with little doodles of the particular Sanrio character in a row all around, can be twisted off the translucent container to be used as a bowl. From a personal standpoint, this is such a simple yet ingenious idea that ameliorates the issue of having to pack individual bowls and containers.
As a dog owner who frequently brings her fur kid out to explore the world, I always struggle with packing my dog's container of kibbles and an extra bowl to contain her kibbles or water. This handy little container is built in with a bowl which helps in saving precious bag space!
My Melody Water Bottle (430ml)
7-Eleven Sanrio
7-Eleven Sanrio
The different components of the water bottle
Irresistibly adorable and sturdy to boot, this water bottle is the cutest and most pragmatic fashion accessory to tote around your school or office. The exterior texture of the water bottle is matte and velvety, and feels really good in the hand. My Melody's iconic oval face and flower pin is printed on the body of the bottle, and her signature look is finished off with a bottle cap with 3D rabbit ears.
Attached firmly under the lid is a small twist-off cylindrical capsule to insert ice cubes so that your beverage can stay chill without being watered down. This cylindrical capsule can even be used for naughtier purposes – think on-the-go cocktail! The bottle can be filled up with a base drink and the capsule can contain a shot of alcohol. For example, fill the bottle up with coke, and then add a shot or two of whiskey into the capsule to be poured into the coke as and when you please. No one will be any the wiser when your little boozy midday pick-me-up is housed in such an innocuous bottle.
7 Eleven Sanrio
Container: 22 Stamps OR 6 Stamps + $5.90
Water Bottle: 30 Stamps OR 6 Stamps + $9.90
Upon redemption of their collectible(s), customers will have to submit their stamp card but will get to keep the serialized portion for use in an exciting lucky draw at the end of the campaign. Results of the lucky draw will be published on 7-Eleven’s Facebook page.
For more information, please visit www.7-eleven.com.sg.
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