Have you seen the Advocado Logo in Shops Around Singapore? It will be Your Secret Santa All Year Round with These Complimentary Goodies and More!

The presents, the feasts, the carousing and all the love during this festive season make us wish that Christmas is an all-year round affair. And thanks to Advocado – an ingenious loyalty program that many establishments around Singapore are rapidly joining, it can be for both consumers and business owners alike!
You may have unwittingly even registered for an Advocado membership with some restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, and retail outlets in order to reap additional rewards for patronizing them. Rewards differ for each store that opts for the Advocado cloud loyalty CRM software, but are super awesome nonetheless, especially if you’re always on the hunt for secret deals.
Advocado is an ingenious loyalty program that allows consumers and merchants to actively establish a firm retail camaraderie with innovative bespoke rewards crafted specifically for each merchant to best target its consumers. Advocado emphasizes the ease and flexibility of enrolling a customer within mere seconds, without the need of issuing physical cards or even getting consumers to download cumbersome apps. This immediately removes the hassle faced by most businesses to coordinate pesky logistics just to engage and retain customers.
With such friction removed for consumers, they can just rely on something they always have - their mobile phone number. This streamlines the consumer engagement  process for merchants since they no longer need to keep track of loyalty coupons and cards but can just access one cloud database throughout.
If you are a consumer, just look out for Advocado’s eye-catching green logo and ask a staff to sign you up with them. Membership is completely free, and there is no need to install any cumbersome mobile apps that will clutter your phone, as it is just linked to your phone number and a 4-digit pin number that they will ask you to key into their iPad whenever you wish to claim a reward or a discount.
Some establishments that are employing Advocado’s loyalty program are Taste Singapore, Rocky Master, PHS, Caffe Pralet, Yoogane, Hair Inc, Eye Champ, Orthopex Fitness, Acme Taekwondo, Anytime Fitness, Hado, Recoil, Rose of Sharon, Gui Ren Tang, Saigon Star, Beauty Recipe, Act Point, and the list goes on and on.
PHS Hairscience
PHS Hairscience is a leading expert in combining science, technology and experience in personalizing solutions for every haircare issue; whether it be hair loss and dandruff problems or simply revitalizing dull, dry, or damaged hair.
PHS Hair Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated based on the concentrated extracts of botanical ingredients as well as Korean traditional herbs that will help you achieve a thicker, stronger, healthier, and more lustrous mane.
Redeem a complimentary 120 MINUTE INTENSIVE CLEANSING TREATMENT (worth $198) by simply clicking on this link here.
Hair Inc
Hair Inc.
Hair Inc. is the brain child of Kenneth Joseph Goh, an exceptionally gifted artist with hair as his forte. Kenneth previously spearheaded the Hair Department of Resort World Sentosa (RWS), accumulating numerous accolades with his remarkably demiurgic creations that adorned the heads of performers and celebrities.
Being primmed and pampered at Hair Inc. is an indulgent experience like no other. Entrust your crowning glory to the skilled hair stylists, sit back and sip at the many complimentary beverages Hair Inc. has to offer while the skilled coiffeuses work their magic. Check out my full review of Hair Inc. here where I obtained pink ombre locks.
Redeem a SPECIAL PROMOTION HAIR CUT & COLOR AT ONLY $68 by simply clicking on this link here, or redeem a $10 VOUCHER OFF ANY COLOR SERVICES via this link here.
Taste Singapore
Taste Singapore
Taste Singapore is a gourmet supermarket that offers fresh and high quality produce with integrated restaurants located within that utilizes said produce to serve up unparalleled dishes. Its farm to dining table concept ensures ultimate freshness of every ingredient, delivering the tastiest way of enjoyment.
Some simple but great products that are not often found in other supermarket shelves in Singapore include the refreshingly zesty and effervescent Cawston Press Ginger Beer, the smooth, velvety, chocolatey Mr Organic Milk Chocolate And Hazelnut Spread with a nutty and subtle woody flavor from the hazelnuts emulsified into the concoction and Rude Health’s sweet, crunchy, nutty The Ultimate Granola Bar.
Stay tuned for Taste Singapore's Advocado rewards!
Rocky Master
Rocky Master
Rocky Master is a Halal-certified homegrown brand that started as a cafe serving gourmet coffee and Western cuisine but has since expanded to incorporate local favorites such as its crowd-favorite Laksa Supreme, Curry Chicken with Home-baked Baguette, and Indian Butter Chicken with Biryani Rice.
Rocky Master’s Lemon Shortbread Cookies ($10) is a buttery, crumbly and slightly tangy sweet treat that melts in your mouth.
Redeem 50 ROCKY MASTER POINTS by simply clicking on this link here.
Caffe Pralet
Caffe Pralet
Caffe Pralet was set up to showcase the culinary creations of Creative Culinaire the School. Since then, Caffe Pralet has found its own niche as a bustling cafe with a reputation for cakes and seasonal goodies. Caffe Pralet also draws inspiration from traditional Japanese dons, serving up unique rice bowls incorporated with exciting flavors from all over Asia like Tom Yam Beef, Kicap Manis Squid, and Mentaiko Battered Fish. The cafe also features various other mod-sin dishes like chili crab fries and har cheong kai burger.
Caffe Pralet’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate ($12) is rich and chocolatey with a slightly chewy texture that melts in the mouth, and added with a touch of savoury flavor with a light sprinkling of sea salt flakes. 
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Yoogane hails from South Korea and is as authentic as any Korean cuisine can get. This Korean restaurant chain has more than 130 outlets in Korea and five in Singapore. It is one of the most popular Chicken Galbi restaurants among students and working professionals alike for its affordable and delicious sharing pans.
To really get into the mood of Christmas, Yoogane Singapore created a special Christmas feast worth $69.90++ that features Honey Miso Chicken Pan, Crispy Salad, Tteok-Galbi, Seared Tuna, Soft Shell Crab, The Pom Pom (Pomegranate Slushie), Sweet Tidings (Plum Slushie), and two puddings named Berry Sweet Plum and Berry Sweet Lemon Posset.
The 12-hour marinated honey miso chicken is sweet, savory, tender, juicy, fragrant and beautifully caramelized with just the right amount of chargrilled smokiness. The medley of vegetables topped with an egg yolk gives the dish an uplifting freshness to prevent the BBQ-ed nature of the chicken from getting too overwhelming. The crispy salad is sweet and refreshing, the tteok-galbi is flavorful and beefy, the seared tuna chunks are extremely buttery and melt-in-the-mouth, the soft shell crab has a nice crunch with a sweet and malty flavor, and the two drinks and puddings are extremely invigorating with a nice tanginess.
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Advocado is a multiple award-winning cloud loyalty CRM software which generates real cash flow for business owners, big and small. Explore more of this revolutionary app here: www.advocadoapp.com

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