The Misting Bottle – A Lifesaver in these Hot Temperatures

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Is Singapore getting hotter? You bet! If you have been out and about, you would have experience this yourself. The relentless heat outdoors and indoors can be felt all day long, sometimes even in the evening after the sun has set.
“Singapore temperatures rising at double the global average”, screamed a TODAY headline on 22 March 2016.
The report says “the blistering heat is showing no signs of abating”, with the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) forecasting that “the warm weather will persist for another month or two.”
Maximum temperatures of between 33°C and 35°C can be expected.
So, what can you do about it? Staying indoors and blasting your air-conditioner all day long is not the solution. (Think of the utilities bill! And the earth!)
But there are things you can do to mitigate the effects of the unforgiving weather, especially those of you who are of weaker constitution.
An umbrella is virtually a must nowadays, or a visor or a cap. Some folks might also use sunscreen even if they are not at the beach. If you are at home, jumping into the shower more than once could help cool you down. Making a trip to your friendly neighbourhood public pool is also not a bad idea in this blistering heat.
eco mist
But perhaps the most important thing you should do is to make sure you stay adequately hydrated, especially when you are outdoors with the sun beating down on you. Whether you are cycling, jogging, having a picnic (!), or just going out for a stroll in the park, bring a water bottle with you.
Yes, you heard right - a water bottle. A everyday item which too few people make use of. Those who do swear by it and carry one with them everywhere they go. Good on them! There is nothing like drinking good old plain water, compared to the soda and sugary beverages we see everywhere!
eco mist
Nowadays, however, a water bottle no longer just allows you to drink from it. Some allow you to do more than just take a sip - you can also mist yourself.
Yup. You heard it right again - mist yourself.
The “Eco Mist” hydration bottle, for example, does just that.
eco mist
At a sizeable 590ml, (20oz), the special bottle holds an enough amount of liquid for drinking and misting on yourself.
Hold it right there. Did I say, “Misting on yourself?”
Designed with a misting function, the bottle comes with a convenient lever which you depress to release a cloud of very fine droplets. The mist lingers in the air for a second and then settles on your face, or any targeted areas, providing cool, refreshing relief from the heat.
eco mist
To add to the refreshing coolness, you can drop a few cubes of ice to the water in the bottle. With its thin aluminium film to provide double insulation, the bottle can keep liquid cold for an extended period. This is good when you plan to be out for a few hours.
And to prevent accidental spraying when you keep the bottle in a carrier, such as a bag, the bottle also comes with a mist lock, a unique feature with the Eco Mist. I don’t know of any other bottle with this interesting inclusion.
Made from BPA-free and DEHP-free low-density polyethylene, the bottle is flexible, tough and durable and, unlike other water bottles, does not break easily. The Eco Mist is made from grade “4” plastic, which is considered one of the safest choices for human use.
eco mist
Its flexible nature allows the bottle to be squeezed to squirt liquid; and an in-built carrying loop makes it easy to carry or hang the bottle anywhere - on your bicycle, for example.
All in all, the Eco Mist’s function as a hydration bottle works well - with enough volume to hold an adequate amount of liquid, while also allowing you to cool yourself with the misting effect.
At an introductory price of just SGD$14.90 , it is a bargain which is worth checking out.
eco mist
It is for everyone, except maybe toddlers. Adults and children, young and old, all can use this for refreshment when they are out cycling, hiking, jogging or just walking outdoors. Of course, there is no reason why you can’t use it indoors as well.
The Eco Mist is a lifesaver in these temperatures.

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