Dolfi: This Tiny Handheld Portable Washing Device May Soon Make Washing Machines Obsolete

The bane of long travels is having to deal with a mountain of dirty laundry by the end of it, and that really ruins the magic and enjoyment you get out of your holiday. Imagine you could wash your clothes thoroughly and fuss-free in your hotel room sink while you head out to create wonderful life memories. Dolfi – is touted as the next generation washing device that is the size of a smartphone and cleans your clothes with the ultrasonic technology.
Dolfi does not look like much. It looks like a plastic bar of soap, but do not judge a book by its cover, this high-tech gadget has the ability of converting a bucket or a sink of water anywhere in the world into a dirt-busting washing machine. It is even capable of washing delicate materials such as silk, lace, cashmere, lingerie, swimsuits and other types of clothing that is easily damaged by any normal washing machine.
To use Dolfi, all you’ve got to do is fill a sink with water, add dirty clothes and detergent, and drop the device in. Switch Dolfi on and stand back as it emits powerful ultrasonic waves that travel through water, creating, high pressure bubbles. The bubbles implode creating strong jets of water that push the detergent through the fabric removing dirt and stains. The entire process lasts just 30 minutes, after which you simply hang it up and wait for it to dry (or use the hotel room's hairdryer for faster results). See a time lapse demonstration video of a Dolfi prototype here.
Dolfi isn’t just a pretty package - this compact but powerful device consumes about 80 times less energy than a conventional washing machine, helping you make a huge positive impact for the planet and, of course, for your wallet. 
With Dolfi you can save on dry cleaning cost for delicates, on hotel or laundry services while you're traveling and on overweight charges on your luggage from packing extra clothing.
You can have peace of mind knowing that your favorite delicates won't be ruined and that you won't run out of fresh clothes on your travels. With Dolfi, you can buy any kind of fashion you like and not worry about the "Hand wash only" label.
Furthermore, unlike conventional washing machines that emit so much noise that can wake up an entire cemetary full of dead deaf people, Dolfi is absolutely silent when working, so you can wash during late hours without disturbing even the lightest of sleepers.
Dolfi is the brainchild of German entrepreneur Lena Solis, who got the idea for the device after she found it difficult to get her clothes washed during a trip away from home. “The idea of Dolfi came after a few terrible experiences with laundry during my extensive travel,” she writes on the product’s official site. “Inspired by amazing benefits of ultrasound, successfully utilised for many years in many industrial and medical applications, we’re excited to bring the advantages of ultrasonic precise cleaning to everyday personal use. I believe that ultrasonic technology will change the way we wash.”
“We want people to have more fun on their travels rather than stress about costly laundry service, or spend time searching for coin laundries, or even waste luggage space packing extra clean clothing,” added Andre Fangueiro, Dolfi’s product designer. “With Dolfi, travel will become easier, happier and a lot more fun.”
The makers ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for production in January last year. By March, they had raised a whopping $974,716 which is 428% of their original target. It is still under production, but you can pre-order it at $109 per unit here.

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