Pufffy's Free DIY Fruity Tuity Gift Box

diy gift box
Don't you just hate dealing with wrapping paper? A flimsy sheet of printed paper can cost from $2.50 and up! Then there's all that hassle with having to struggle with the scotch tape and making proper creases on the wrapping paper, just so that someone could rip off the giftwrap in a couple of seconds. Perhaps you would consider another option that would make both a fun project for yourself and a nifty thing for your friends to store little knickknacks! Did we mention how insanely adorable they are?
From the people who brought to you the cutest handmade badges ever, comes the cutest cartons ever! These little gift boxes are conveniently available right from your printer, just download the free printable templates that we will link below and you can immediately get started on crafting these little gift boxes to use as gift wrap or to store your accessories. We highly recommend you use these to stash all your Pufffy badges, they are just the perfect size for that. The construction of the gift boxes are pretty self explanatory but just in case you are new to paper crafting, there's a very helpful step-by-step tutorial video just down below.
Gift Box Size: 60mm(length) x 62mm(width) x 97mm(height)
Printable Template Size: A4 paper
Download DIY Template
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Etsy (International): http://www.etsy.com/shop/pufffyshop

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