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pufffy mini dinos
On a mystical, tiny island hidden away from prying human eyes, three Pufffy badge biologists work on creating the most adorable mini creatures. Their latest results have yielded 8 successful breeds of mini prehistoric dinosaurs that they are now releasing out for the rest of the world to delight in.
These 8 mini dinos have been perfected from their adorable appearances right down to their sweet personalities. Unlike the vicious dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, these minute dinos that measure no bigger than your thumb do not have the urge to eat your face off. All they wish is for you to bring them home and show them off to your friends.
Meet the mini dinos!:
1. P-Rex the Queen Dino
pufffy mini dinos
P-Rex is indisputably the queen among the mini dinos. Like a true queen, she carries herself with dignity and poise, but is never one to think herself high and mighty. She presides over the other dinos, rising above everything else to keep order and solve disputes. She has always wished to find a friend like you who can lead along with her.
2. Whoosh the Pterosaur
pufffy mini dinos
Whoosh is a free spirit who loves soaring high above the clouds and watching the world go by underneath him. Carefree and always happy, Whoosh sticks by the motto that life is too short to afford being sad. He will swoop in to remind you to forget your trivial problems and learn how to enjoy life as it is.
3. Fanny the Spinosaurus
pufffy mini dinos
Fanny shows her happiness by spreading her impressive spines which are usually laid flat on her back. She is shy and does not really talk much, but when you see her fan extend, you can be sure it is because she is overjoyed to see you!
4. Spikey the Stegosaurus
pufffy mini dinos
Spikey's bony plates on his back and spikes on his tail are to fend off any potential danger. While he might not look big and menacing, he is really very tough and anyone who wants to hurt you will have to go through this armored dino first. Stick with Spikey and he will protect you from all harm.
5. Chompy the Brontosaurus
pufffy mini dinos
Chompy's long neck allows her to reach the juiciest fruits high up the trees. She is always looking for someone to share the sweetness she enjoys daily, and she hopes that it could be you.
6. Hefty the Brachiosaurus
pufffy mini dinos
Hefty is the largest of all the dinos and he uses his immense proportion to good advantage of keeping predators away from his friends. This gentle giant has a heart as big as he is and would like to include you in it as well.
7. Trinity the Triceratops
pufffy mini dinos
Trinity is rather proud of her fancy horns and she keeps them gleaming all the time. While she may look cute and harmless, she is a force to be reckoned with if anyone ever dares trifle with you. She is fiercely protective of her friends and she would most definitely be there for you whenever you need her.
8. Chester the Parasaurolophus
pufffy mini dinos
Chester is a happy-go-lucky fellow who adores meeting new people. He believes that one can never ever have enough friends. With his stylish mohawk-like cranium and amazing wit, he is a charmer with all the ladies but is oblivious to it. It is difficult to prevent him from charming his way into your heart.
Each of these 8 cute dino badges from Pufffy's Mini Dino collection will never fail to be a conversational piece whether you choose to send them on an adventure by pinning them to clothing articles, cards, gift-wraps, bags, pencil cases or whatever else you could think of! Bring them home today at just $4 a piece and flaunt your little critter from the land before time.
Pufffy's Mini Dinos Contest Giveaway!
Here's a wonderful opportunity to bring home these dinos from Pufffy's Adorbs World! We will be giving away 8 different badges to 4 lucky winners! Each winner will receive 2 random dino badges!  Here's how to take part in the contest to win these lovable critters:
1. Like both FreshGrads.Sg and Pufffy Facebook pages.
2. Like and share this post.
3. Leave a comment in the comment box stating which dino you are most like and why.
Winners would be selected at random, and they will each have 2 dino badges sent to their house.
Contest commences on 15 January 2014 and ends on 22 January 2014. The winners' names will be announced on FreshGrads' Facebook page so stay tuned to find out! Good luck!
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