Melisa’s Bears: Baby Animals For Your Taking

Melisa’s Bears: Baby Animals For Your Taking
If you absolutely adore baby animals but do not wish to take on the full responsibility of caring for them for the rest of their lives, you will be completely taken by Melisa’s Bears.
Melisa’s Bears Baby Panda
Melisa Nichols is a soft sculpture artist from Canada who takes pride and pleasure in crafting one-of-a-kind baby animals. Don’t worry, she does not practice taxidermy. She sculpts these little, precious furballs from scratch with recycled fur, synthetic fur, mohair, epoxy clay, special paints and a whole lot of passion and talent.
Melisa’s Bears Baby Fox
“My recycled fur creations are made from vintage fur coats and collars that have been damaged in some way... I only use the good pieces to create a work of art to treasure :o) My real fur pieces are fully lined for more durability. I hope that, by using this medium in my artwork, I am showing dignity to these animals who were sacrificed for fashion. I also feel that I am helping the environment by recycling.” –
Melisa’s Bears Baby Owl
These animals that she creates are so incredibly realistic you would expect them to start breathing and crawling around, looking up at you with those doe eyes of theirs. They tug on your heartstrings and their photos seem to shout at you to bring them home.
Melisa’s Bears Baby Pygmy Marmoset
Pygmy Marmoset
To Melisa, her soft sculptures are not simply pieces of art for her to sell. In her process of creating them, she actually develops personalities for the animals. And every personality that she develops for the little one can be seen reflected back in its tiny adorable face when it has been fully completed.
Melisa’s Bears Baby Racoon
Her little critters are adopted into loving homes all around the globe. She auctions them off eBay, some fetching an auction price well above US$1,000. On top of the regular eBay auctions for her creations, she also takes in commissions. For US$1,000 – US$1800, you can provide her with photos to request for her to create any animal of your choice; in memory of your much beloved pet or your favourite animal.
Melisa’s Bears Baby Brown Bear
Brown Bear
Melisa is an artist like no other. Unlike other bear artists that work with patterns, her creations are born from photos and drawings, which makes every piece a unique artwork that can never be replicated. Her personality is as awesome as her soft sculptures. She is always more than happy to answer to any comments or queries, and is positively one of the most friendly and patient artist I have ever come across. 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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