Cocoa B

Go classic but with a special thoughtful twist this Valentine's day by presenting your sweetheart with a delicious customised bar of Cocoa B!

With just some clicks and a major dilemma between the many different fillings, the online chocolate boutique would deliver customized handcrafted bars of love right to your doorstep. We had their top favorite bacon nuts bar as well as outrageous (almonds, M&M's, sunflower seeds). Both chocolate bars were luxuriously rich and, despite some unconventional toppings like bacon and sunflower seeds, the mix worked surprisingly well!

Begin with either of the three basic bars of chocolate (white, milk and dark) then choose all his or her favourite ingredients like gummy bears, M&M's and even bacon bits. Or, you could go a little crazy (and creative) with ingredients like wolfberries, ikan bills and sze chuan pepper. The broad categories are Berries & Fruits, Exotic, Herbs Spices Powder, Nutty & Seeds, Sweets & Candies and a special Valentine's selection. You could add up to five toppings to your bar.

Plus, each bar of Cocoa B comes well protected in a classy box wrapper cushioned in thermal cushioning. In all, Cocoa B's customised chocolate bar is a thoughtful yummy and prettily wrapped up gift that would melt the heart of your sweetheart.

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