Medical Must-haves on Vacation

Many of us would not miss out taking that travel insurance, but would often forget some simple medical essentials that may just be the key to a smooth-sailing, pain-free vacation.

Health Records

Have a list of your medical records such as your allergies, past records of any surgeries or major operations done, as well as the contact details of your family doctor. If you happen to meet with any mishap, it would help the local doctors treat you quickly and smoothly.

Basic Things to Bring

Besides using it to dress wounds or protect fingers and toes, medical tape can also be used to fix your broken suitcases or help that holey tent hold up for a while more. Another essential to bring would be enough plasters, which are handy for blisters that may form with more than usual walking.

Mineral Water

For those with a weaker tummy, you may wish to check in with your bags a bottle or two of 1.5-litre mineral water. The minerals in the water of another country is different from that of yours and this might be the reason for your tummy's slight discomfort at the beginning. To prevent this, do a slow switchover.


On top of the usual like panadol, you should also have antacids in case of an upset stomach or simply because of overeating, as well as an antihistamine like diphenhydramine that would ease allergies and even rashes. You could also consult your doctor if you should bring other pills according to what medical conditions you are prone to.

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