New2U Thrift Shop

One man's junk is another man's treasure, and treasure is what you might find at New2U Thrift Shop by the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations.

The store at 96 Waterloo Street peddles second hand clothes, accessories, household products, books and more, which are donated to the store. Proceeds go towards Star Shelter and various other SCWO Initiatives.

Prices start from as low as SGD1 and there have been claims on several forums of designer or vintage finds in the stash there. There is also a half-price promotion on the last two working days of each month. What's more, each of the five days the thift store is open has a theme and relevant promotion:

1. T-shirt Monday
2. Student 1/2 Price Tuesday
3. Skirt or Men Trousers Wednesday
4. Shoes Thursday
5. Surprises Friday

Donations can also be dropped off at the SCWO Centre everyday before 10pm. Simply label them clearly with "For New2U".

Managed by volunteers, the shop is unfortunately only open on Monday to Fridays 10.30am to 2.30pm. They are now open on some Saturdays. Shoppers should 'Like' the shop's Facebook page for updates on Saturday openings as well as new treasures.

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