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Gifting_ExperiencesEver – with the best of intentions – bought a class for a good friend only to find out that he or she has already attended it before? Or embarrassed having them struggling to the best of their ability to pretend they like the gift or simply to mumble a forced thank you?

While gifts of experiences, be it a yoga class or an adventure sport workshop, are great for couples or as a social group activity, it is difficult to find one that the recipient will definitely like – after all, for just the yoga enthusiast, there are already hundreds of studios with varying facilities to choose from.

Here, two local companies help us have the cake and eat it too.

uniQgift and Zumvee categorise gifts into relevant groups such as "Anniversary", "Body and Soul", "Eats and Treats", "Holidays", and "Thank You". Gifters and buyers may purchase a voucher from any of the available categories, according to their knowledge of the recipients' perceived preference, at either of the two website. The user then have the choice to select their eventual gift from the list of vendors under that particular category to redeem his or her experience!

The vendors provide courier service – and even a premium one with the ribbons, frills and all. If the voucher is lost, the recipient may ask the purchaser for the proof of purchase email for verification. That is, if the voucher has not been misused. The experience has expiry dates up to a year.

With many various vendors and workshops in each category, your recipient is bound to find one to his or her liking. Also, this is an easy, universal great gift for employees or colleagues too!

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