Ri Stationers

Ri_Stationers0Singapore's own high-end stationery brand, Ri Stationers, offers personalized stationery that will make penning down your memories or making gifts fun and enjoyable.

Enter the zen minimalist store at Wheelock Place, and be overwhelmed with leather-bound journals, stitched notebooks, elegant frames and albums, as well as gift wrappers that will blow the receiver's mind away.

Ri_StationersTheir signature journals goes by a mix-and-match approach. Select a hand cover that best describes you such as "Dreamer" or "Traveler", either fabric or leatherette, then three other book inserts to fill them up. There are several types of inserts to choose from: calendars, planners, grid squares for drawing, music sheets and acid-free blank pages among others.

The next time you have to get a gift for your boss, colleagues or client for Christmas or any other occasions, you can check out Ri Stationers for a classy and appropriate gift… And support local goods too!

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