Wine Connection

Wine_ConnectionOne of the best yet no-brainer gifts you can give to a client will definitely include a bottle of nice wine. However, with so many different varieties, it is not easy to choose one presentable one. Here is when you should make a trip down to one of the eight Wine Connection outlets in Singapore!

Fret not about which wine to offer that all-important guest. The wine connoisseurs at the Wine Connection will be more than happy to introduce a quality-guaranteed one for your client. After all, the wine chain also supplies wine to hotels and restaurants all over the island!

The decade-old wine chain imports and retails its own selection of wine – currently over 500 varieties – as well as premium spirits, Belgian beers and wine accessories.

And now it has branched out to opening the Wine Connection Bar and Bistro, which pairs bottles of wine with traditional European food excellently. And if you are so busy you can't head down to one of the branches especially with the Christmas season coming up, you may also purchase wine online at the Wine Connection's website here.

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