As TheBlogShop tagline goes: "Dressing isn't a game; it's a lifestyle." But for many, especially the working class with limited shopping hours after work, it is increasingly hard to suss out the best from the – unlimited – rest to upkeep this enjoyable lifestyle. Here, TheBlogShop plays a fitting role in curating a wardrobe based on the latest trends in fashion, whether local or global.

The many brands TheBlogShop carry include Angelicious Creations, The Style Hunter, Camera, KandyKayne, Jocelevon, Witchery, Neonmello, BagAge, LoveFiiefiie, Chewyourcandy,, Vainglorious, Tracyeinny, RoseArrk, Fushsia Doll, Shopsfashion, Oohlala-Boutique, Nelanz, My Glamour Place and Lizzie Shop.

Testifying to the brand umbrella's success since it was established in 2009, it has opened one outlet after another, with its latest fourth outlet in Bangkok. On top of that, TheBlogShop was nominated consecutively for the 2010 and 2011 Singapore Spirit of Enterprise awards too.

The established brand name is part of the High Society Group International, a cartel that deals with all aspects of the fashion apparel retail and manufacturing industry, with an Asian presence in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

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