Five Cool iPad Cases

The iPad is one of the latest technology of choice for businessmen and especially salespersons. But beyond its ability for sleek presentation, the iPad is also a representation of its owner. As such, users are often on the lookout for the coolest or prettiest cases. Whether you are looking at iPad cases for yourself or as a last minute Christmas gift, here's five of the best and most professional in the market.

1. Perforated Snap Case for iPad (USD40)

Let's start with the most practical. The Perforated Snap Case for iPad, which comes in both black and white, is designed for functionality.  Lightweight and at the same time providing scratch protection, the case attaches snugly and securely to the iPad with direct access to all buttons and features.

2. Clare Vivier for Steven Alan iPad Sleeve (USD115)


Leathermade with old world techniques and eco-friendly dye to specially fit the iPad, the Clare Vivier for Steven Alan iPad Sleeve is the perfect gift for your boss. (Also partly because of the price tag – you wouldn't want your gift for the boss to look too cheap, right?) The design comes in two colours: black and tan. In addition, a gift within a gift; the case comes filled with a blank notepad inside too.

3. BOOK for iPad (USD99)


The hand-made BOOK for iPad could be likened to a book cover except that it is meant for the new-age "book" – your iPad. The innovative case with a 100 per cent wool felt interior would bring a smile to the receiver's face, who could shelf it just like he or she would to a book, while protecting the beloved device. You could even customise the title of the "book" for a couple bucks more.

4. Red Wool Felt and Brown Leather (USD44)


What's better than a one-of-its-kind gift in Christmas red? The simple yet sophisticated Red Wool Felt and Brown Leather sleeve by etsy seller ribandhull is made with 100 per cent German designer felt and seals easily with a single reinforced magnetic clasp. Classic minimalistic with a playful dose of festive colour that will be loved by all.

5. Hip Bag for Apple iPad (USD49.99)


And for those who prefer to sling their iPad, canvas messenger bag Hip Bag for Apple iPad is a pretty durable choice with leather accents. Its exterior is treated with Scotchguard, deeming it liquid and dirt-proof while its interior boasts soft microfibre for maximum protection.

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