How to Close Every Sale

How_to_Close_Every_SaleVoted the World's Greatest Salesman by the Guinness Book of Records for 12 years consecutively, and also author of bestsellers How to Sell Anything to Anybody and How to Sell Yourself, Joe Girard guides readers through every step of the sales process and dishes out advice gleaned from his experience in his latest work, How to Close Every Sale.

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Free Prize Inside

Free_Prize_InsideThe first test as to whether a marketing book is worth your time and money would be if it managed to catch your attention among the many other books on the shelves.

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The Great Gatsby

The_Great_GatsbyEver wondered how the lives of the extremely rich are? F. Scott Fitzgerald's greatest novel, The Great Gatsby, is one novel that sheds much insight into the rich but emotionally empty lives of the American nouveau riche in the 1920s.

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What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

What_I_Talk_About_When_I_Talk_About_RunningHaruki Murakami, famous for his novels "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" and "Norwegian Wood" shares his experience running marathons, ultra-marathons and most recently triathlons as well as his beginnings as a novelist after selling off his little jazz pub in this part memoir, part training journal.

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The Shift

The_ShiftThe Shift by renowned self-development speaker and writer of over 30 books, Dr Wayne W. Dyer, is one of the very rare self-help books that gets remade into a movie or, more specifically, a docu-drama.

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