Twenties Girl

From the author of the much-adored Shopaholic Series comes a book about family and life. Admittedly, Twenties Girl sticks to a tried, tested and perhaps tired model of a chic girl’s reading book that has the boys scorning – but it is so engaging and not at all a dumb blonde book that I simply could not put it down until I finished it at 4 am.

Kinsella’s heroine is Lara Lington – a typical failing-in-all-aspects girl living in a bustling hip city. Her newly started recruitment company is in the red, her best friend and business partner is off holidaying in exotic Goa with no definite plans to return, she knows nothing about recruitment and she has just been dumped by the love of her life.

Added to the mix is her second-class membership in the Lington family – because she’s not part of the Lington Coffee Empire – and constant visits by her Great Aunt Sadie’s ghost who bugs Lara to solve the former’s ancient problems.

The delightfully problematic story weaves in and out of Lara’s troubles and her exploits with Sadie in London. Together they learn to dance the Charleston, dress in 1920s clothes in broad daylight, find Sadie’s precious dragonfly necklace and ultimately to like and love each other.

It is most touching when Lara begins to appreciate the young spirit that lives on in every ageing body, especially that of her Great Aunt Sadie. Twenties Girl is truly a great read for escaping your life for a bit, and a fabulous model to fashion your daydreams after.

If this book goes to the silver screen the way Shopaholic did, you’ll find me first in line for a ticket.

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