A Good Story Does Not Have To Be Long

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In order to write a good story, or that report you have been procrastinating for 3 weeks, you must never assume that the longer it is, the better. What really matters is the content of it and how it reads. Unless of course the particular topic you are writing on is required to be of a certain length.
First off in writing a good story, it is a given that you must possess a good command of the English language or whatever language you are planning to write in so that you can proceed in forming the words in a way that will appeal to the readers.
If the material in which you are writing about is hopelessly boring and requires it to be objective, then I guess you don’t really have a choice. However, for people who have the misconception that lengthier stories are more impressive, you are seriously wrong. Long articles tend to be dry and long winded which will bore your audience very quickly. Also, try to avoid using profound words, instead use everyday language (proper language, I am not talking about Singlish) for more effective communication with your readers.
One of the shortest stories ever written was by Ernest Hemingway, a world-renowned American author and journalist who had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction. He claimed that he could write a complete story in just six words, which led to disagreements with his colleagues, and each of them made a bet of $10 against his statement. Hemingway wrote down a story immediately on a piece of napkin and passed it around. His colleagues unanimously declared that he won the bet.
Crochet White Baby Shoes
Hemingway wrote:
“For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.“
Still a billion times better than all the Twilight books.

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