Safe Haven

Safe_HavenTo love again, you must learn to trust. But how does one do so when burdened by a past so scarred it has one running away all across the country to the peaceful haven of Southport? Nicholas Sparks' latest novel Safe Haven relates this.

Young lady Katie arrives out of the blue in the small North Carolina town of Southport. An attractive single lady as she is raises the eyebrows of more than a few of its inhabitants but she remains resolved to be alone. As fate would have it, kind widowed store owner Alex and his children and chatty neighbour Jo slowly wheedles into her life.

Characters are introduced well through backgrounds, lives, and eventually their secrets. Alex and family are the perfect characters, somewhat unreal but likable. The villain in question is one you would love to hate. However, Katie proved to be predictably boring. The plot is well paced and gives a welcomed twist, though a little unexpected of Sparks.

Safe Haven is popular writer Nicholas Sparks' fourth book after Message in a Bottle, The Lucky One and Weeks with My Brother, and it is sure a book fans of the author would enjoy as with his previous works though it is definitely one of his darkest novel to date.

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