The One-Week Job Project

Like many fresh graduates, author Sean Aiken questioned himself on where his future lies upon graduation. But rather than settling on the first, second or third job, he goes further and tries out 52 jobs in a year. In The One-Week Job Project, he shares the insights gleaned in this journey.

Trying out jobs from across the whole of North America in search of his passion, he has tried out jobs such as a bungee operator in British Columbia, a firefighter, an aquarium host, a radio DJ, a NHL mascot and a fashion consultant. Aiken draws out interesting aspects of each job and ensuing valuable experiences, whether from the job itself or from the people he interacted with in that one week.

His ability to be optimistic even in the dirtiest jobs is much admirable. He describes having cow dung thrown all over his hands and sometimes face as "walking in the rain". Lesson learnt here is adversity of course.

Since its publication, the book and the man behind it have been featured in major publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, CNN, Good Morning America and more. The end result? This creative mind who has his class valedictorian is now a speaker and inspiration to students and companies all over the world.

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