How to Be a Star at Work

How to Be a Star at Work: 9 Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed is often quoted as one of the must-read books for those interested in improving their work performance and advancing their careers. 
In this 300-page career advice guide, Carnegie Mellon University instructor and corporate consultant Robert E. Kelley observes and determines what makes one outstanding at work; he derives the gameplan for better jobs, pay and career opportunities, including increasing productivity and becoming a recognised "expert" in areas of importance,  in nine strategies backed with numerous stories as well as empirical examples. 

But rather than thinking this must be a book that teaches me how to get credit for whatever I do, this is one that advises you how to become an outstanding worker. After all, Kelley makes it clear that he believes that stars are made and not born. Stars, compared to the average worker, would take the initiative improve things such as workflow or increasing bottom-line – even if it is out of their job scope. 

This would make a great book as a gift for a fresh graduate. 

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