Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

What is it that the poor and middle class do not invest in that the rich does? And how do you get on their bandwagon? Robert Kiyosaki's third book on personal finance, Rich Dad's Guide to Investing, is created to answer just that.

But rather than raving about the easy money that comes with investing or which options to buy (or not), Kiyosaki chose to spend much of his book emphasizing on the need to know the fundamentals of business prior to investing. He also psyches readers to get mentally prepared to invest and adopt the attitude to become wealthy – for if you do not have the mentality that money is in excess and easy to earn, then you may just end going back to square one all over again.

Kiyosaki tells this in a narrative, almost storytelling-like manner, beginning from the end of his career as a pilot to his choice to become an outstanding investor. Each step of the way he shares insightful nuggets of wisdom, observations and advice from his mentor, a good friend's father whom he nicknamed rich dad. Some of which include how 90 per cent of the wealth in the world is in the hands of the 10 per cent minority people in the same world, and the three reasons why people pursue wealth. That is namely, to be secure, to be comfortable, or to be rich. His knowledge is supported by co-author, Sharon Lechter, who puts his ideas into perspective, sometimes summarizing them.

While I may not necessarily agree with all of his advice, his fundamental reasonings are justified and his observations provided much food for thought. Also, more than a book on investment, he imparts much more on the importance of building your own business.

In all, this is one book for those yearning to get started on the adopting the attitude for investment but not one to learn how to actually do so.

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