Resumes! Resumes! Resumes!

Ever wonder why you don't even get the chance to interview? Well, it could be that your skill sets do not fit the requirements of the job… it could also be that your resume is not doing its job of highlighting your suitability to the hiring managers. The third edition of 'Resumes! Resumes! Resumes!: Top Career Experts Show You the Job-landing Resumes That Sold Them' aims to help individuals tackle just this problem and open doors to interviews.

The book covers well the essentials of resume writing with several samples approved by top hiring managers and human resource experts. They share their favourite resumes and elaborate their inclination towards them such as why it works and how important and useful information are presented in these examples.

Fresh graduates or young working adults looking at advancing their careers will surely find this book handy just by the numerous examples alone. It is a plus that the text by author Lisa Mohler is straightforward and easy to read too. Get this especially if you want to have a clear idea of what your resume is completing against out there!

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