What the Dog Saw

From the trivial to the monumental, Malcolm Gladwell takes a magnifying glass to look behind the machinations of some of our 21st century phenomena, bringing up seemingly the unrelated topics of ketchup, dog taming, and economic disasters along the way.

Author of ‘The Tipping Point’,’ Blink’, and ‘Outliers’, Gladwell is known for his fascinating insights about the world we live in and our behaviours. ‘What the Dog Saw’ is a compilation of his best articles from The New Yorker, where he is a staff writer. They offer a bite-size snippet of Gladwell’s quirky wisdom in easy to read articles.

The book is divided into three main sections: Part One focuses on what Gladwell calls minor geniuses and their successes; Part Two explores conventional wisdom and turning it upside down; and Part Three discusses matters of talent and intelligence. Each section offers interesting stories led by anecdotes and musings that arrive at some unexpected conclusion.

In the titular article, we’re given an insight to how the famous dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, deals with even the most impossible cases of canine training. What many dog trainers and owners lack that Millan so successfully portrays is the right set of body language that speaks volumes to man’s best friend. Simple once revealed, yet otherwise hidden in plain sight, this is just one example of Gladwell’s "why-didn’t-I-think-of-that" insights.

Another interesting article is how Gladwell identifies a thinking problem and reframes it in a way that might be better suited to the occasion. An article about Enron explores the differences between puzzle-solving and mystery-solving, which require different approaches to arrive at a solution. In that sense, the book provides certain insights that can be useful applied to our daily lives.

‘What the Dog Saw’ is an entertaining read that is easy to pick-up and stay glued to. Whether you’re looking for some light amusement or an intelligent challenge to your notions of the world, this book will deliver both and more.

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