Evolutionary Work

Patricia DiVecchio is the chief visionary officer of International Purpose with over two decades of coaching individuals and organisations in achieving greater heights at work and life. In this book, she translates her coaching experience into words for readers.

DiVecchio illustrates seven evolutionary tools that would help readers have greater awareness of their career and life needs, giving them a new outlook of themselves and respective career paths. This in turns, gives one an effective boost at work and life – if you are in the right career that is.

Just like beauty comes from within, success in your career must come from the motivation within you rather than external forces such as routine. For this, change is necessary. DiVecchio puts it well: "Repeating the past is not the answer. Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting to achieve new results. So are we insane or just creatures of habit?" The life and career coach then challenges readers to make that step towards change with success stories and practical steps (seven evolutionary tools each with their own chapter):
1. Reinventing your work and/or business
2. No competition
3. Creating a strong foundation
4. Fear as an ally
5. Wisdom in the next evolutionary leap
6. A critical time for work and/or business evolution
7. Purposeful work

Reading this book would inspire you to create some change in your life for the better though you may wish to select steps as they suit rather than taking every single piece of her advice. But that is one small price to pay than to engage in the busy lady herself!

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