A New Attitude

In life, there are bound to be setbacks and failures, but it is how we manage them, our attitude towards them that would determine the outcome.

A bad attitude may just be a great obstacle to success while a good attitude in life will be a great advantage in life, such as aiding you in better handling stress and bringing positivity to your relationships with others as well.

With this book, readers will get to eliminate a bad attitude and adopt a positive outlook, which leads to better performance, as well as manage failure and bounce back quickly through several workplace situations and steps to manage them. But the book's lessons not only apply to the office but also to life and family.

The package is perfect for those who want a beginner's guide on the "how to" for a more positive attitude in life, and guides you to more resources to go deeper into the topic. Besides the book, it includes a DVD, a e-book version, an interactive learning guide and a facilitator's guide.

Author Marian Thomas is also the editor of Customer Service: The Key to Winning Lifetime Customers and four other books including Balancing Career and Family as well as Positive Mental Attitude in the Workplace.

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