Security Police: The Motion Picture

The 21st century is one of great danger with both domestic and foreign terrorists as well as pleasure-seeking criminals. The role of Security Police, professional bodyguards that safeguard important personnel even if it means giving up their lives to protect them, grows increasingly important.

Police sergeant Kaoru Inoue (Junichi Okada) withness the deaths of both parents in an act of terrorism when he was young and, as a result, his senses are much more sensitive than others. The man is also gifted with photographic memory and has a special ability in tracking. He represents the "new method" of police protection.

Soichiro Ogata (Shin'ichi Tsutsumi) plays his superior and nemesis of sorts. Having witnessed Inoue's parents death, he decided to become a SP and brings him in as his subordinate. Together with Inoue and colleague Sasamoto Eri (Maki Yoko), they protect Japan from terrorists.

Security Police: The Motion Picture is a special episode from a popular action drama, and will involve the same young uprising stars in the cast including Okada Junichi, Maki Yoko, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Matsuo Satoshi and Yu Kamio. A new character, Teruyuki Kagawa, will also be added in the movie adaptation.

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