Your Money: The Missing Manual

Your Money: The Missing Manual by JD Roth, the man behind one of the most popular personal finance blogs in the world wide web, GetRichSlowly, is an easy yet substantial read that will have something for audiences from all walks of life.

The book is divided into three sections: 1. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity; 2. Laying the Foundation and; 3. Building a Rich Life. Right from the beginning, author Roth reminds us to be motivated not by the money itself, but by what the money could let you do. In other words, money is just a means to the end and not the end itself. And then, of course, goals are set. Here, the book offers some tools and tips from having accountability partners to other useful books that go more in-depth into side topics.

In Laying the Foundation, he inspires by sharing how less can be more and dishes advice on the topics of saving, spending and investing. This includes making the most out of what you have or, alternatively, making money on the side, adopting the mentality of an entrepreneur, and tips on how to deal with major expenses you have to make.

And at last, Building a Rich Life touches on topics related to planning for our future such as investment and retirement. It also reiterates and urges us to think through what our own definition of rich stands for.

In all, this is a great, engaging book that would give anyone a greater understanding of money and its role in our lives and should be given a go.

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