New Job, New You

Alexandra Levit's latest book, New Job, New You: A Guide to Reinventing Yourself in a Bright New Career, tackles the issue of transiting from one career to another or for fresh graduates taking the first step in their careers.

Making use of success stories from real people like herself to Jon, who went from being a ribs maker to a commodities trader to a psychology professor, Levit sheds light on the need for – seven critical factors including family, independence, learning, money, passion, setback and talent – as well as the natural progression of career switches.

She then moves on to how you may plan specific steps for the career switch, such as weighing the risks involved in switching, and even includes motivational rest points along the way.

Now, almost everyone will consider the idea of switching jobs or careers but how do you decide if this is really the way to go and not an impulsive decision? And if you are sure you want a career switch, how do you actually do that in a smart way? In these aspects, Levit's book will prove to be invaluable.

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