Brazen Careerist

Brazen Careerist – The New Rules for Success by well-known writer, Penelope Trunk, is a no-nonsense, honest guide to managing your career in today's job market as well as understand how others look at theirs.

Each of the chapters are full of her honest and genuine opinions such as "young people have no interest in climbing ladders when they know they probably won't be working at one place long enough to hit every rung" and "sex discrimination is everywhere, so don't try to run".

But renegade and sharp as her opinions and following advice may sound, the author's generosity with examples adds authenticity to her words and some may even identify themselves in those pages. For example, she says: "… here are the resume rules you need to follow. Before you read them, promise yourself that you will not be defensive and proclaim that you are an exception to the rules. You are not. The rules are there so hiring managers can compare apples to apples. It makes their job easier. Even if you are an orange, you need to make yourself an apple to get hired: think of yourself as an apple with an orange tint, but you must be an apple."

If you are thinking of how to handle various people from the different generations, this is a great read: Penelope's fresh take on the modern workplace and that of our parents, as well as how to best adapt to this new environment adds value to the career advice book. But beware, it's not sugarcoated and might be uncomfortable for some.

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