Rules for Renegades

Rules for Renegades by Christine Comaford lays out practical – though sometimes astounding – insights that will help anyone in their work or daily living, or for their  entrepreneurial ventures or professional work.

The CEO and founder of five companies, author Christine Comaford has over 20 years of experience with Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and Lotus. She has also assisted several Fortune 1,000 companies as well as small businesses to success.

Drawing from her professional life, she draws lessons from her life, be it successes or failures, as she eventually heads towards financial independence. All of this she packs into her New York Times bestseller book in ten life lessons namely:
1. Everything's an illusion, so pick one that's empowering
2. An MBA is optional, a GSD is essential
3. Problems + Pain = Profit
4. Build power instead of borrowing it
5. Rock rejection and finesse failure
6. Learn to love networking
7. Only you can lead your life
8. Work your money mojo
9. Resign as general manager of the universe
10. Don't just do something, stand there

What's more, the author has also included in her book links to sample business plans and outlines, tutorials and marketing techniques, as well as self-help tools online. Comaford's free online resources could be found here.

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