120 jobs that won't chain you to your desk

Dread the thought of joining the morning rush crowd and sitting in front of your computer all day long? Then "120 jobs that won't chain you to your desk" would be the right book for you.

Published by Princeton Review, the 320-page book takes a peek at 120 jobs that do not require much time at the desk and what they entail. Jobs featured cover sufficient grounds from the routine to the adventurous, and to intellectually satisfying though there seems to be a reasonable emphasis on creative type employment.

For each job, there is a two-page section including a summary, skills and experience required, how to get your foot in the door, a salary average and an interview with an experienced person from that field.

Readers will find out what it is like to be in that job on an average day – enlightening you on basic responsibilities and daily tasks – as well as on an extreme day such as very enjoyable, detestable or funny parts of the job.

"120 jobs that won't chain you to your desk" will be most helpful for graduates who are near complete clueless as to where their career path is headed, especially so for those who are sure they would not like to be chained to the desk. However, for those who have an idea, it would be advisable to first flip through to find out if there are enough jobs they are interested to read about before making the purchase.

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