Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

Property seems to be the hot topic these days, especially with the endless rise in property prices and the recent regulation changes. That said, the thought of becoming a real estate broker has crossed many a mind on this tiny island with a bulging demand for homes.

In "Diary of a Real Estate Rookie", former business journalist and a founding editor of the New York Post's real estate supplement, Alison Rogers, shares her experience as a greenhorn property broker in New Jersey. Filled with humor and wit, she gives readers views from the inside with analogies as well as stories from the satisfaction of finding someone – including hollywood stars to newly weds – the right home as well as the frustration of meeting clients who just want to window shop on her time.

In short, Alison Rogers's chronicle of life as a real estate broker is educational and filled with fun, with something for everyone, be it first time buyers, seasoned property investors, industry players and even the fresh graduate planning his future.

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