Clueless in Starting a Business

Co-authored by Jim Aitchison, May Lwin and Adam Khoo, each distinguished in his or her own rights, "Clueless in Starting a Business" is a quick overview to kickstart your dreams of being an entrepreneur.

The book covers issues – such as is one suitable or ready to start his or her own business, how to get started, preparing for setting up, launching your brainchild and how to grow it – all in easy to read, in-a-nutshell chapters.

It is also accompanied by various inspiring stories of local entrepreneurs and familiar brand names like 77th Street's Elim Chew and the Charles and Keith's brothers. And with its accomplished writers, "Clueless in Starting a Business" sells readers the belief that they could be there in their ranks too.  

First and foremost would be the famous and charismatic self-made millionaire at the age of 26, Adam Khoo. Even primary school students would be able to recognise the name of the charismatic inspirational speaker who is now also the founder of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. Next, an academic with years of practical industrial experience, May Lwin is professor in the marketing department at the National University of Singapore. Last but not the least would be Jim Aitchison, an author of 20 other books, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of advertising at renown agencies such as Batey Ads and won countless of awards.

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