Boost your Immunity

Boost_your_ImmunityWith viruses and what naught increasing in strength and reach, it is always to err on the safe side. Prevention is better than cure; why not make lifestyle changes, such as how you sleep, what you eat and what you do, to boost your immunity?

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Boost your Metabolism

Boost_your_MetabolismWouldn't it be great if we are burning calories while we rest? Besides, low metabolism may cause lethargy and even fatigue on top of difficulty in losing weight. Here are some commonsensical tips on how to boost your metabolism rate.

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Work-Life Out of Balance?

Work-Life_out_of_BalanceWhen the line between work and life is blurred, especially when you are aiming for promotion or plain trying to keep you job, stress may settle in and even hurt your relationships at home.

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Control your Cravings

Control_your_CravingsTend to munch mindlessly as you go about your work only to realise that you have gained a few unnecessary kilos? We get that often too, so here are some tips to control the desire to overindulge.

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Know your Vitamins

Know_your_VitaminsPopping vitamin pills may seem like an easy solution to what your body might be lacking. But do not waste your money or, more importantly, harm it by buying the wrong supplements. Here's an introduction of some of the common vitamins in the market.

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