Cutting Back on Salt

It is common knowledge that consuming too much salt is harmful for our body for reasons such as hair loss, high blood pressure, heart disease and more. These consequences may be accumulative, showing only in your later years. Other less fatal consequences include exhaustion and bloating, affecting your overall mood.

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Decoding Sunscreens

Decoding_SunscreensSunscreen, or sunblock, is an important item for us now that the sun seems to shine increasingly brightly at this little island. Don't be put off by the endless choices of labels that mean nothing to you, or be fooled by smart marketing lingo into paying more for a mere one per cent more of sunscreen protection. Here's three common terms and what they really mean.

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Keeping Fast

Impressed by the religious tenacity of your Muslim friends during the month of fasting? Well, fasting need not be done for solely for religious purposes and could be done for health or mediative reasons too. Be it to lose some weight or to kick that caffeine addiction, here are three tips for keeping your fast.

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Exercise at Work

Work takes up a huge part of our lives, and is a great excuse for our bulging waistline. While these simple stretching exercises that can be done in the office will not replace traditional workouts such as running and swimming, they help keep the blood circulation going and the guilt from lunch away.

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Caffeine. It gives us that extra perk when needed. It keeps us going when we think that is impossible. It bonds us over its intake. But advantages aside, too much caffeine can cause problems too.

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