My Foot Reflexology

Nestled in a corner of Centrepoint along Orchard road is My Foot Reflexology, a social enterprise that employs visually- or hearing-impaired masseurs. Now, working executives could feel good and do good at the same time. Besides, foot reflexology are known to have great health benefits such as improving blood circulation, soothe aching muscles and even improve moods.

Each of My Foot Reflexology's masseurs undergo professional training at the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) but what makes their service popular – rather than based on charitable reasons – is their ability to be extra sensitive to the feelings of others. Having lost part of one of their senses, they tend to be more aware of the feelings of others. Hence, it is not surprising that they have a strong following among working executives nearby, especially the foreigners.

Started by three marketing professionals, My Foot Reflexology begun in 1996 with only four therapists but has since grew to have branches in Great World City, Forum Orchard, Changi Airport Budget Terminal as well as Terminal 3. Working executives could now easily slip into one of its branches for a quick 40-minute treat to smoothen out tired muscles of their back or feet after having some shopping done.

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