4 Cs to Consider for Gym Membership

Sure, signing up for membership at the one of the many fitness gyms that are mushrooming all over our little island puts you in a convenient position to battle that fast growing belly of yours. But signing up for gym membership does not equate to your actual exercising and the eventual removal of those excess fat. To objectively determine if that membership is really worth it, here are four C's to consider before signing up.

Cost versus Commitment

How many times can you reasonably afford to go for classes every week? Once? Twice? To ensure that you choose the best package, it would be good to do a quick mental estimate of the price of an average class you will be paying for as well as what other facilities, such as swimming pools, spas or saunas, are included.

Most gyms require an annual subscription or minimally a ten-class card with an expiry date. Only if you can afford more to go about 2-3 times a week or will be using the facilities pretty frequently, go for the unlimited visits membership. If you can only afford going weekly, a ten-class card might be a better choice. And if you can't even afford once a week or fortnightly, you might be better off paying $20-$40 for every standalone class you go for.

Before you commit, ask for some time away from the eager beaver staff to review the contract without pressure. Be sure to ask questions such as if there is a suspension period if you are posted overseas or injured and if there's any hidden costs.


Is the gym, or one of its branches, near your home or workplace? Or better, is it near enough to get in for a quick workout during lunch hours? How long does it take for you to reach the gym? Are there enough classes that interest you offered regularly? The convenience of having classes you are interested in going for is paramount, especially when tiredness kicks in after work. It should not become an easy excuse for you to miss that weekly trip to the gym.

Some gym memberships allow the usage of only one of its branch, which is important to note if you don't intend to stick to one branch or you are anticipating a move of office and/or home. So, check with the gym if they have an upgrade to allow the usage of more than one branch. They usually do.


Some females are uncomfortable with having males in the class for two reasons: Firstly, they prefer not having to worry that they might have exposed more than they should. Secondly, they might just prefer not to look sweaty and unkempt in front of the opposite gender. If you have the same concerns, it is advisable that you go for single-gender gyms such as Amore.

Also, get some friends to join you in your gym regime. Having company might just be the push factor to keep you consistently going and makes exercising more fun!

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