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Yoga. Think its no sweat? Well, think again.

What seems like mere stretching and balancing is really a much more challenging task than it looks. Instead of using raw strength, yoga goes for balance, poise, breathing control and meditation. Each posture challenges both mind and body.

And at Absolute Yoga, they take it further. Instead of "No pain, no gain", it is "No sweat, no gain" at Absolute Yoga, which specialises in Bikram-based hot yoga.

There, sauna meets Bikram yoga consisting of a series of 26 yoga "asanas" (postures) done in a heated room of temperatures up to 40 degree Celsius in 90 minutes.

This specific sort of yoga is said to help relax the muscles and enable each individual to go deeper in their stretches. It also promotes blood circulation and detoxification of body toxins through perspiration.

Go with a light stomach and drink plenty of water to make up for the loss later. Water bottles are allowed in the classrooms and it is common to see students replenishing themselves during breaks so feel free to bring yours.

Absolute Facilities

All Absolute Yoga studios are equipped with bathrooms, lockers and changing facilities. While Absolute Yoga's services and facilities may not be as comprehensive as compared to bigger yoga studios like True or Pure Yoga, it eludes a friendly cosy feeling and attracts a loyal crowd since the first boutique studio at Telok Ayer opened five years ago. The friendly and encouraging instructors are often found chatting with students cooling down and lingering at the benches outside the classrooms.

There are three boutique studios available in town areas - Telok Ayer, Tanglin and River Valley - easily accessible to office ladies who often pop in during lunch hours or before and/or after work. First trial for walk-in newcomers is S$34. If you have a friend who is an existing member, get him or her to refer you. Referred newcomers get half price (S$17) for the first trial.

Absolute Yoga

Telok Ayer Studio
157A Telok Ayer Street
2nd floor
Singapore 068612

Tanglin Studio
56 Tanglin Road
#02-01 (inside Friven & Co.)
Singapore 247964

River Valley Studio
#02-01 Valley Point
491 River Valley Road
Singapore 248371

Telephone (65) 6223 8254 (Telok Ayer), (65) 6735 7438 (Tanglin), (65) 6732 6007

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours
Studios open an hour before the first class and closes about an hour after the last class. Check
Absolute Yoga website for schedule.

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