14 Tips to Help You Live Longer

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If you wish that in the future you could see your children get married, and then your grandchildren get married, you should quit your unhealthy habits and follow these 14 tips that can help prolong your life.
1. Be Optimistic
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People who have a positive outlook on life usuallly can flurish in any way they can imagine. Not only does that make for a better and happier life, it goes a long way in contributing to your longevity. Happy and positive people generally are less stressed out, which means that their immune system is stronger and less susceptible to illnesses.
2. Don't Skip Leg Day
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Seriously, don't skip leg day even if it may seem like an internet joke. When you have a strong lower body, you have better endurance, balance and all around strength. This will prevent you from falling or slipping when you're younger or older, which leads to less fractures.
3. Keep Only Good Friends
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Having good friends is sort of like having an invisible force-field around you that wards off stress. The good friends in your life will help to relieve some of your stresses and allow you to have fun, which releases endorphins, which not only keeps you in a good mood, but makes you healthier mentally.
4. Make Babies When You're Young
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If your mother had you before she was 25 years old, the likelihood of you make it to 100 years old doubles that of others who were conceived by older mothers. Of course, you have no control over when your father impregnated your mother, but if you want your furture offspring to lead a long, full life, its best that you start planning for a family as soon as possible.
5. Keep Your House Clean
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You burn calories by cleaning your house, and further more, you are also eliminating the germs that can potentially make you sick. It's a win-win situation that will prolong your life.
6. Get A Good Education
Studies show that the more education you have, the less likely you are to engage in risky or “YOLO” behaviors that can prematurely end your life.
7. Embrace Challenges
People who are self-disciplined and set goals for themselves usually live much longer than lethargic people. Learn to focus more, focusing requires the use of more brainpower, which results in a healthier, happier brain.
8. Prevent from Eating Red Meat
Red meat is undeniably delicious, but it is suspected that red meat is a catalyst for colon cancer. There is no need to eliminate red meat completely from your diet, but you should definitely cut back on it if you are eating too much.
9. Eat Purple Foods
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Apparently any food that is purple in color is good for your health. Dark grapes, wines, and blueberries all contain polyphenols, which fight against heart disease, Alzheimer's and even cancer.
10. Being At a Healthhy Weight Consistently
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If you were unhealthy as a teenager, chances are you aren't going to live very long. Most of your habits are set as a teen, so not being healthy will carry over into most of your adulthood, unless you motivate yourself and focus on living healthier, then you haveto make a conscious effort to keep it consistent.
11. Drink More Tea
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Japan has the longest life expectancy because of their diet; Japanese are heavy tea drinkers. They drink green tea for almost every meal. Black and green teas contain catechins which are substances that help protect against heart disease.
12. Walk
You don't have to have a thorough gym session every day to stay healthy. A little goes a long way. People who walk for about 30 minutes per day tend to live up to four times longer than those who do less than that.
13. Don't Drink Sodas
Drinking just one soda a day increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, excessive weight gain and even depression.
14. Surround Yourself with Healthy People
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If you cut out the bad influence in your life, the chances of you dying early drops significantly. Adversely, if your friends are unhealthy, you'll tend to follow suit and join them in their unhealthiness.
Information Source: I Am Bored

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