Alcohol Cuts: 5 Fattening Alcoholic Beverages To Avoid

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Dieting is not easy. It requires a lot of willpower and determination to prevent from succumbing to all the delicious, greasy food that Singapore has to offer. Besides staying away from all fatty foods and sticking to your strict diet of boiled chicken breasts and bland, steamed vegetables, you have to abstain from these alcoholic beverages in order to successfully lose weight.
1. Beer
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I know, I know... Beer is practically the elixir of life. Nothing feels better than just kicking back in a pub with your friends and chilling over a couple of bottles. You might just tell yourself that a few beers wouldn’t hurt, I know that’s what I do all the time. But it does. It is the most fattening alcoholic drink of all as everyone is so aware of. It pains me to say this, but if you are on a diet, refrain from consuming beers. A bottle of beer packs between 150 to 250 calories and around 7g of carbohydrates. And obviously you are not going to stop at just one bottle, you will probably end up drinking around six which will add up to 900 to 1500 calories, that is the equivalent to almost two Mcdonalds’ Big Macs.
2. Wine
To all you fancy people out there who enjoy swirling their wine, watch your figure. You have been duped into thinking that it is absolutely fine to slowly savour a few glasses of wine over the course of your meal. What you don’t know is that wine generally contains approximately 80 calories per glass, and if you opt for the sparkling variety, then this increases to 90 calories per glass. Generally, one or two glasses will do no harm, but imagine if you drink this on a regular basis as your preferred beverage for dining and how quickly the calories will be able to add up.
3. Vodka
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A shot may seem insignificant but every time you have a shot of vodka, you are adding an instant hit of 60 calories to your body. You might want to think twice next time before you and your party animal friends decide to get “crunk” LMFAO style on shots.
4. Whiskey
Whiskey on the rocks
WHAAAAAT? WHISKEY?! Yes, whiskey. A shot of whiskey more or less has the same calorie count as a shot of vodka. 
5. Cider
apple cider alcohol
Cider involves apples and fermentation which would naturally have you know that it is going to contain carbohydrates and calories. But how bad can it be? Apparently almost the same as beer. A standard 500ml bottle of cider is going to rake in anywhere between 180 to 230 calories. Cider is a lot easier to knock back than beer, but let’s just say you had six bottles. That is going to add up to 1080 to 1380 calories. Again, equivalent to almost two Big Macs.
Conclusion: If you want to make your diet work, you have to give up these alcoholic drinks for awhile. You will be better off drinking plain water or some green tea.
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