Keeping Fast

Impressed by the religious tenacity of your Muslim friends during the month of fasting? Well, fasting need not be done for solely for religious purposes and could be done for health or mediative reasons too. Be it to lose some weight or to kick that caffeine addiction, here are three tips for keeping your fast.

1) Buddy Up!

Not only it is more fun to share the experience and strengthen your friendships by doing it together, finding a friend to fast with you renders you much needed support and encouragement. Hence, you will also be more likely to succeed.

2) Remember

There are two things to remember. First, remember your reason for fasting. If you are looking at drinking fewer cups of coffee, write down the health benefits of less caffeine. If you are looking at losing weight, buy a dress you wish to fit into to remind yourself and keep going when it gets tough.

Second, the discipline that comes with the sacrifice is one of the reasons why fasting is good for you. Keep in mind this way to build character and press on!

3) Do Something Else

Distraction is one useful strategy to employ too, especially if you are looking at giving up eating or drinking. Use activities like playing a sport to up the adrenaline and stay awake instead of downing another cup of coffee.

Last but not the least, celebrate when you succeed! This will keep you going when you are feeling down during the next fast.

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